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Origami Little Bird

This bird looks very advanced and challenging. It must be very hard, and needs more technique to use a craft paper to make such a tiny piece of art. Same as the other “Origami Little Bird” which is created by the creator Hideo Komatsu, This Origami Little Bird is very cute, and it looks just like a real one. It is very interesting that a craft paper is used for many of the origami arts because I’ve never used it for Origami before. I would like to try Origami using the paper someday.


Origami little bird’s details

Title Little Bird
Created by Mr. Satoshi Kamiya
Reference Works of Satoshi Kamiya Vol.2 (Origami House)
Paper used for this item 1 craft paper
Paper size 29.5cm×29.5cm(11.6in×11.6in)
Item dimension Body length 12.5cm(4.9in), Body width 7cm (2.75in), Body height 6cm(2.36in)
Difficulty ★★★★

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