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Origami Hippopotamus

This origami Hippopotamus has a charming face, and it looks very challenging to fold especially around the face area. The creator Mr. Hideo Komatsu has definitely has strong passion for his origami animals, and all of those arts have different characters. I really enjoy seeing all these origami animals, and those animals are simply amazing. I bet it must be hard to hold the Hippo’s big head with the small body.

Origami Hippopotamus’s Details

Title Hippopotamus
Created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu
Reference Works of Hideo Komatsu (Origami House)
Paper used for this item 1 origami color paper (aye-aye color/Ehime Shiko)
Paper size 25.0cm×25.0cm(9.8in×9.8in)
Item dimension Body length 15cm(5.9in), Body height 5.5cm(2.16in)
Difficulty ★★★★

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