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Origami Fox

The shapes of this origami fox’s face is different from the prior work which is also created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu. Although there are more processes to fold this fox, this one looks simpler compared to the other one. This will be a nice origami to fold and decorate around fall/autumn season. The body posture reminds me of a fox when he/she wants to play, or start jumping soon.

Origami Fox’s Details

Title Fox
Created by Mr. Hideo Komatsu
Reference Works of Hideo Komatsu (Origami House)
Paper used for this item 1 origami color paper (50 color origami/Toyo)
Paper size 15.0cm×15.0cm (5.9in×5.9in)
Item dimension Body length 12cm(4.7in),Body height 3.5cm (1.37in)
Difficulty ★★☆

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