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Origami Facial Tissue Paper Box

I have seen many kinds of origami art before, but not this Facial Tissue Paper Box! This is very unique, and it looks fantastic. The crumpled paper makes it look just like the real facial tissue paper. A larger size origami paper (it should be around 80cm×80cm which is 31.4in×31.4in) will be needed if you would like to make the actual size box. I usually like to make simple origami items such as boxes, flowers, and animals. However, this facial tissue paper box definitely caught my attention.

Origami Facial Tissue Paper Box’s Details

Title Facial Tissue Paper Box
Created by Mr. Naoyuki Yada
Paper used for this item 1 origami color paper (60 color origami/ Kurasawa)
Paper size 24.0cm×24.0cm (9.4in ×9.4in)
Item dimension length 7cm(2.75in), width 3.5cm(1.37in),height 4cm(1.57in)
Difficulty ★★★

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