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Origami Cube Box Elegant

Origami Cube Box Elegant

This Origami Cube Box Elegant is made out of 4 origami parts connected together by using a technique called “Uzukumi” or “compound vortex”. Only the bottom part are made by this technique which is the picture shown above. The pattern on the top of the box is similar to the “Origami Four- Star Box”. This is also another simple yet beautiful which you’ll enjoy making for sure. I think this would be a nice box to put little snacks or Jewelry.

Origami Cube Box Elegant’s Details

Title Cube Box Elegant
Created by  Mr. Toshikazu Kawasaki
 Reference  Origami tanteidan(detectives) convention folding diagram Vol.17
(Japanese Origami Academic Society)
 Paper used for this item  2 sets of 4 origami color papers ( Tant/Toyo)
 Paper size  15.0cm×15.0cm (5.9in×5.9in)
 Item dimension  length and width 7.5cm(2.97in), height 5.5cm(2.16in)
 Difficulty   ★

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