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Origami Crab

This origami crab looks so fantastic. It is very detailed (especially the legs part), and it is made very close to the real crab. It looks like the crab will start moving in any time. I, myself, like nautical theme items, so I think this will be a great decoration option for nautical theme baby room, or just nautical theme room. This origami crab is pretty challenging to make. However, the folding diagram for this item is made very carefully, so it might be easier to try. It made me want to try making it for sure!

Origami Crab’s Details

Title Crab
Created by Mr. Jason Ku
Reference Origami tanteidan (detectives) magazine Vol.139 (Japanese Origami Academic Society)
Paper used for this item  1 Japanese paper (the Japanese crumpled paper/Daiso)
Paper size 31.5cm×31.5cm (12.4in×12.4in)
Item dimension Body length 9cm(3.5in), Body width 11cm(4.3in)
Difficulty ★★★★☆

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