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Origami Cherry Blossom Ball

This ball shape (regular dodecahedron) consists of 30 flower petal pieces which 2 of the petals are connected to each other.
Therefore, there are 12 flowers total.The center of the cherry blossom is the shape of a pentagon.

This piece of art would be very nice to display around the cherry blossom season (which is spring).
The dodecahedron shape is just fascinating, and it makes the flowers look not only beautiful but also very sharp.
The shadow of those flower petals also makes it a beautiful design.

Origmai cherry blossom ball’s detail

Title  President’s Cherry Blossom Ball
Created by  Mr. Toshikazu Kawasaki
Reference  Ultimate Dream Origami (Asahi Press)
Paper used for this item  30 Tant Origami Papers
Paper Size  3.75cm×7.5cm (1.48in×2.95in)
Item dimension  11cm(4.3in) in diameter

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