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Origami Candy Flower

A thicker origami paper is used for the left flower compared to the right one. The left one seems more inflated than the other one. These Origami Candy Flower would be perfect to display on a table and many other places. It would be fun to create it with various color origami, or origami which has different color than the other side.


Origami Candy Flower’s details

Title Candy Flower
Create by Ms. Erika Matsui
Reference Origami Tanteidan(detectives) convention folding diagram compilation Vol.20 (Japanese Origami Academic Society)
Paper used for this item (Left)1 color origami paper (50color origami/Toyo)
(Right) 1 both sides same color paper (mono color/Toyo)
Paper size 15.0cm×15.0cm (5.9in×5.9in) for both flowers
Paper dimension 7cm (2.7in) in diameter
Difficulty ★★

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