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Origami Butterfly

These origami butterflies have elegant body figures. I like how the edges of Butterfly wings turn out. Both front and back side of the paper are used to give the beautiful design for this origami butterfly. I think this is one of benefits to use the both side different color origami papers. The lower part of wings which are folded inside gives more three-dimensional look to it. 2 stars of difficulty is given for this butterfly, so it could be easier for beginner to challenge. It could be a beautiful decoration for home or school around spring/summer season.

Origami Butterfly’s Details

Title Makoto-cho
Created by Mr. Michael G. LaFosse
Reference Origami tanteidan (detectives) magazine Vol.132 (Japanese Origami Academic Society)
Paper used for this item 1 both side color paper for each butterflies (double color/ Showa Grimm)
Paper size 15.0cm×15.0cm (5.9in×5.9in)
Item dimension Body length 6cm(2.36in), Wing length 11cm(4.3in)
Difficulty ★★

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