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How to order at conveyor belt sushi (kaiten-zushi)

Conveyor belt sushi is popular for its easiness to order your favorite sushi and its reasonable price. However, you may be confused about the way to order sushi when you visit the conveyor belt sushi for the first time.

Although some part may differ depending on the restaurant, but here are the basic rules at the conveyor belt sushi.

1. Order sushi

photo credit: sushi via photopin (license)

photo credit: sushi via photopin (license)

When you order sushi, you can simply take the plate of sushi from the conveyor belt near you. After you take the plate, you should not return it to the conveyor belt but leave it on your table.

Many kinds of sushi come in random order, but you may not find the exact sushi you want to eat at the moment. Then, the next thing to do is to order it individually.

If the chef is cooking at an open kitchen, you can ask them directly, and they will make the sushi immediately. In large restaurants, there are often touch panels to make orders, and the sushi will be brought by the servers or delivered by the conveyor belt with the number of your table.

2. Order drinks and other side dishes

How to order at conveyor belt sushi (kaiten-zushi)4


Basically, there is a container of green tea powder at each table, so you put the powder in the tea cup and pour hot water from the hot water inlet by your tables. Remember that this water inlet is NOT for washing your hands!! (You will burn yourself.)

You can also ask for glass of water to the staffs, or get it at the water supply equipment somewhere in the restaurant.

If you want other drinks such as juice or alcohol drinks, ask the staffs or order from the touch panels, depending on the restaurant. You can order side dishes such as miso soup or dessert in the same way.

Enjoy your exciting meal at the conveyor belt sushi!!

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