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Momiji-gari: Autumn leaves viewing in Japan

Momiji-gari Autumn leaves viewing in Japan
Autumn’s counterpart to springs flower-viewing is momiji-gari (maple-leaf Wing). Japan’s autumn season hosts a variety of colorful maple trees such the Kaede and momiji varieties, painting gorgeous mountain landscapes and making Japans autumn colors among the world’s most beautiful.

Just as Japanese love spring for its beautiful cherry blossoms, so do they travel wide far to drink in the beauty of famous momiji landscapes.

As with hanami, momiji-gari began with the court nobility and gradually became a custom whereby people traveled to renown momiji-gari sites. Today’s most popular spots for momiji-gari include Kyoto’s Arashiyama, which is also famous spot  for its beautiful cherry blossoms, Toganoo near Sagano, and  Ohara, a reserve of autumn beauty far removed from human dwellings.


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