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Hokkaido University

This is a famous university in Japan where is in Hokkaido of northern part of Japan, Where is named “Hokkaido university.” At first, you can enter this gate of Hokkaido university where is in front of a main street near Sapporo station. You must feel a fresh green from a lot of trees and enjoy it. Then, you can go into the university directly.

hokkaido university


These beautiful field is spreading there. Students who are studying at the university is spending on the field every weekdays. Why does the university have the  nature like this gently? It used to be an agricultural school. I’ll tell that later.

There are some unique school buildings here!

You can feel nostalgic atmosphere when you visit such as buildings in here.
School building pt1

hokkaido university2


Students are taking their teacher’s class in this school building everyday.

School building pt2

hokkaido university3


Wow!! it’s very old!! This building is also a school building. It’s like a ghost house!!!

Recommended famous places of Hokkaido university.

Avenue of popular trees

hokkaido university4


They are very famous to Japanese people. poplar trees are only in Hokkaido. this scenery is very beautiful. You must like such as beautiful trees If you visit this place!!
Avenue of Ginkgo


In fall season, you can see such a beautiful scene . Hokkaido has four seasons. So, leaves of these trees turns red or yellow after summer season goes by……

About Hokkaido University

This university started as an agricultural school in 1876. The first president of this school was William Smith Clark who was an educator in USA. He got to Sapporo to teach English. There is a famous phrase he left to his students of Hokkaido university. It was that ” Boys, be ambitious! or “Shounen yo taishiwoidake!” in Japanese.

hokkaido university6


His word is so famous in Japan. And he became a symbol of Hokkaido.

How to get to Hokkaido university
Take subway of Namboku line or Toho line. And get off at Sapporo subway station. Then, go for North exit or Kitaguchi at JR Sapporo station. You can get there on foot for about 10 minutes .

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