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Food Stands at Summer Festival in Japan

Food Stands at Summer Festival in Japan

In summer, there are so many festivals everywhere such as bon dance festival, fireworks festival, etc. One of the main enjoyment for both adults and children is the food stands standing in rows. From the nice smell from all over the street, you cannot help buying some food…

There are familiar Japanese food such as ‘okonomiyaki’, ‘yakisoba (fried noodles)’ and ‘takoyaki’.

However, there are food and drink which you normally see only at the summer festivals. Find your favorites and enjoy the festival even more!!

Here are some food you may want to check out.

1. Baby Castella

baby castella


Baby castella is a small spherical sponge cake made with pancake or castella dough. The sweet smell from the food stand will tempt people to buy them.

Baby castellas are normally sold as a package of about 10 or 12 pieces, and you can share them with your friends. Recently, there are castellas of the shape of famous characters instead of a sphere, which are popular among children.


2. Ikayaki (grilled squid)


Ikayaki is a spit-roasted squid covered with plenty of sweet soy sauce flavored sauce. You will be satisfied with the fragrant smell of the soy sauce and the big squid. It also go well with beer which is best for hot summer days!!

3. Torikawa-gyoza (chicken skin dumpling)



Torikawa-gyoza became one of the popular menu recently, but you can still find at only particular festivals. The gyoza stuffing is stuffed in the chicken skin instead of being wrapped in a dumpling coating dough. The size is slightly small compared to the normal gyoza, and you can normally choose the sauce you want to put on them.

Several pieces of torikawa-gyoza are served with shredded cabbage which is put in the plastic container. Enjoy the combination of the elastic texture and the juicy gyoza stuffing with the chicken gravy!!

4. Ramune (soda pop)


Ramune is a sweet flavored carbonated water which is a typical drink sold at summer festivals. You should squeeze the glass marble into the soda bottle to open it. If you try to tip the bottle upside-down to drink really fast, the glass marble will sink to the bottle’s neck and prevent you from drinking.

There are so many food stands at the summer festivals and the cooking staffs are all friendly, you may have fun talking to them and eating nice food!!

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