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Ekiben Makes Your Travel More Exciting

While travelling by Shinkansen (superexpress) or a local train, you may have too much time on your hands. If so, eating Ekiben may be one of the way to enjoy your travel.

1. What is Ekiben?

Ekiben is a railway boxed meals which is normally sold at train stations or in the train. There are many kinds of Ekiben including the local food of that place, so you can find different Ekiben all over Japan.

You can also see many office workers enjoying Ekiben who is on a business trip and do not have time to eat local food there.

2. Where to buy it?

photo credit: 140121 via photopin (license)

photo credit: 140121 via photopin (license)

You can buy Ekiben in the station or at the platform of the Shinkansen station, and in the Shinkansen. Other trains do not basically have food wagon service.

To buy particular Ekiben, some people even run to buy it at the platform during the short stoppage time!!

However, major stations such as Tokyo terminal, they sell Ekiben of all over Japan. It is up to you whether you buy Ekiben of a different place or buy it during your travel.

3. What is it like?

Ekiben is a boxed meal similar to those sold at convenience stores, and includes famous local food at that place. Some has a string on the box which automatically heat the food after you pull it.

Some of the popular Ekiben are beef tongue boxed meal, sea urchin and salmon roe boxed meal, roast beef boxed meal and king crab sushi boxed meal. The train will become a restaurant to enjoy the local food!!

If you have a chance to travel riding on Shinkansen, how about finding your favorite Ekiben to enjoy your travel?

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