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What to Be Careful When Eating Kushikatsu

Kushikatsu (cutlet skewers) is one of the popular Japanese dish which is said to have originated in Osaka.

You can eat kushikatsu all over Japan nowadays, but you need to be careful when you eat kushikatsu in Osaka or at the restaurant of Osaka-style kushikatsu restaurant.

1. Do not be surprised at the size

If you are familiar at the kushi-age (deep-fried skewers) of Tokyo or miso-katsu (pork cutlet with miso sauce) of Nagoya, you may be surprised at how small each piece of meat and vegetables is.

You can eat them in one bite and the price is reasonable.

2. No double-dipping

What to Be Careful When Eating Kushi-Katsu2

The most famous rule when you eat kushikatsu in Osaka is “No double-dipping”. This is because of the sanitary reason that the kushikatsu sauce in the stainless steel container which is on the table is shared with other people.

However, since you can eat each skewer dishes in one bite, you probably do not need to dip again.

3. What are the cabbages for?

What to Be Careful When Eating Kushi-Katsu3

If you order kushikatsu, pieces of cabbage will normally be served together. Sometimes, they are already at each table.

Of course, you can eat it to prevent heavy stomach by eating too much fried dishes.

However, you can use the cabbage for another purpose. You can use the cabbage to scoop the sauce from the container and pour it on the kushikatsu which you already dipped once but want to put more sauce.

You may find many differences between kushikatsu of Osaka and of other places, so follow the rules when you eat and enjoy them!!

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