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Aburasoba – Japanese Ramen Noodles with No Soup


In Japan, a lot of ramen lovers are always exploring something new and deeper aspects of ramen world. Aburasoba is the one having very unique character which is ‘noodles with no soup’. Ramen is usually put importance on its quality of the noodles and the soup, and the superb balance of both two contents is making such delicious ramen. However, there is another style of ramen called Aburasoba which is served the noodles with some sauce instead of soup and toppings.

The sauce is basically made with soy sauce and lard oil, and the typical toppings are Chashu (sliced barbecued or braised pork), scallions, boiled egg, Menma (bamboo shoots), minced garlic, Nori (dried seaweed) and more, but the sauce tends to be a small quantity. As you eat the noodles, you can add some more seasonings such as vinegar, chili oil, chili sauce, garlic, or others depending on the restaurant, and then mix them all together. Especially adding some vinegar and chili oil is must for enjoying Aburasoba. The taste depends on what you blended, but you will find your favorite blend as you eat each time.

The food culture of Aburasoba is said to have originated in Kita-Tama east area of Tokyo as nibbles for drinks and nowadays there are some specialty restaurants in Tokyo and in some other places, but it is not so widely known that much comparing with ordinary ramen or Tsukemen, probably it’s because of the name ‘Aburasoba’ which literally means ‘oil noodles’ although contains less oil than other styles of ramen.

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