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About 10 minutes’ walk from Ikebukuro station, there is a small Japanese restaurant near the big intersection under the Metropolitan Expressway called “Amaterasu”. It is the restaurant which serves the best Japanese sake in Ikebukuro, and also provides fine Japanese dishes which go well with sake.

The restaurant is crowded most of the time with people who loves Japanese sake and Japanese food. To value the delicate aroma of each dishes, it is better not to put on too much perfume and keep smoking to a bare minimum.

The store manager visits each sake brewery and communicate with the sake manufacturer to understand their enthusiasm towards the sake brewing and the background of how the sake is made. Therefore, the restaurant serves only highly-selected Japanese sake, and the staffs will explain the details of each sake to you.

After you take a seat, soup and a small side dish are served as a service charge. Many regular customers look forward to eating these appetizers.

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Every dish is delicious, which quality equals to the Japanese sake. They use selected soy sauce which is slightly sweet compared to the soy sauce sold at a market, and bring out the taste of the ingredients. “Amaterasu” does not which ingredients they especially care of, but the assortment of sashimi is so fresh, and simply grilled meat and fish are magnificent…every dish is of high quality that one way to enjoy them is to order the course menu. One of the best menu which can only be served is “Rice porridge of salmon roe” using sea bream broth.

If you want to drink the best Japanese sake, you should visit “Amaterasu” and you will be pleased with the precise service and food they provide you. You may be lucky to find rare sake which usually is not for sale!!

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