In Toda City of Saitama Prefecture, there is a Japanese creative cuisine called ‘Inadaya’ which is specialized in tofu (soybean curd) and tofu skin dishes.

You can take the bus from west entrance of JR Kawaguchi station and get off at Kizawabashi bus stop which takes about 7 minutes. You can also walk from Nishi Kawaguchi station which takes about 20 minutes or visit by car. The interior of the restaurant is Japanese modern and stylish, and have several counter seats and sunken kotatsu type seats.

‘Inadaya’ was originally opened as tofu seller in the end of Edo period, but reopened as a creative cuisine to make the manager’s dream come true. They use fresh fish which is delivered from the Tsukiji market and rich variety of vegetables in season. The fresh handmade tofu and deep‐fried tofu made from the manager’s high selected soybeans are finished and served after the customer orders, and you can always enjoy its fresh taste.

At lunch time, they serve one kind of Kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course meal) boxed lunch of the day, including sashimi (sliced fresh fish), tempura (deep-fried fish and vegetables), grilled fish, tofu, miso soup and rice (depends on the day). Kudzu starch cake made of soy milk with soybean flour is served as dessert, and you can choose coffee of tea after the meal.

At dinner time, there have many side dishes using tofu and tofu skin, fresh sashimi which goes well with alcohol. They have many local sake from various places.

One of the recommendation is Inarizushi which is a sushi wrapped in fried tofu which is popular among wide range of age groups. There are three course menus as well, and you can enjoy various fine Japanese dishes.

Although it is far from the station, you will feel cozy by the comfort Japanese food and the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant and the polite chefs.

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