Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium

Have you ever had gyoza in Japan ? It comes from China, but the way of cooking is slight different.It seems like that Chinese usually boil gyoza but Japanese often gril it. I like gyoza so I often cook them. However, I always make only one flavor so I feel I want to eat a various taste of gyoza.

Ikebukuro gyoza Museum makes my dream come true ! This museum is in ” Sunshine City “, the oldest complexed facility in Ikebukuro. The facility has 3 food theme parks, gyoza town, ice cream city, Tokyo dessert republic called Nanjya town and you can enjoy eating all day long there ! Then gyoza town has 11 gyoza restaurants and you can try many popular gyozas.

For example…


Yaki Gyoza of ” Tetsunabe Honten ”   8 pieces 500 yen
These gyoza are served with very hot cast-iron pan.This shop came from Fukuoka.


Kamifurano gyoza of ” Shinran” 4 piece 500yen
These gyoza are used very fresh veges.


Kurobuta Gyoza of ” Kandaya gyozaya ” 3 pieces 400 yen
These tasts better if you eat them with a cold beer !

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3 Responses

  1. Yaga says:

    Gyoza is my favorite japanese food. The museum sounds great. I can taste different kind of gyoza in one place.

  2. Kiyo NY says:

    You will be surprised how much different kinds of gyoza there are. I enjoyed the retro-inspired decoration that recreate old Japanese street inside, too.

  3. Sciencer says:

    I know the grilled gyouza is Japan-specific food culture, a Chinese told me that. The texture must be nice like crispy.

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