ICU: Cherry Blossom Place

ICU-Cherry Blossom Place
ICU, International Christian University, located in Mitaka, a suburb of Tokyo city area, is a great place for enjoying beautiful cherry blossom. Especially, if you want to avoid the massive crowd, ICU is the best place to visit. Located 10 minutes away from Musashisakai station by bus, you will arrive at the entrance of ICU, from which a long cherry-tree-lined-road starts. Get off at the entrance and walk along the street and enjoy the scenic street. You can avoid massive amount of people, which is the main trouble of seeing cherry blossom in Tokyo. When you go through the street, keep walking until you find the green grass. You can bring your lunch and have fun there. But, note that this is a university, so you cannot have alcohol here.

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  1. Sciencer says:

    I really want to see sakura in japan. I heard that the flowers are blown by wind and it looks like snow. It must be beautiful….

  2. haramin says:

    Sciencer Fortunately I have experience to see the Cherryblossom blowing and it’s like a pink snow. I want you to see that beautiful scenery.

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