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Do you like Ramen ? If so, I recommend you try Ichiran, one of the most popular Ramen chain restaurants. This restanrant serves only Tonkotsu flavor and has very unique rules. I think it’s a little difficult to tourists overseas so I’d like to introduce about it.

First, when you enter there, you should buy a ticket before you order.The ticket can get by a vending machine like below.


You can choose only one flavor, ” Tonkotsu  ” at this shop. After you get the ticket, you take a seat separated with a kind of part-off. It looks so weird to me…


As soon as you take a seat, you receive a sheet like the below picture. You can choose many  things like the concentration of  Tonkotsu soup, with or without garlic and greenonion, char siu( stewed pork), special sauce, and the firmness of noodles.


These things are written on the sheet so if you can’t read Japanese, you better ask a stuff or take some translator.

I’ll give you the information of Roppongi Ichiran shop, but you can find many other Ichiran restaurants in Tokyo.

( Imformation) 2 minutes from Oedo line [ Roppongi station]No.7 exit / Matsuya 2F( next to pet shop WAN) / Tel: 03-3796-7281 / 7 days week 11 am- 6 am / 30 sheets

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  1. Kiyo NY says:

    One of my favorite Japanese Ramen place. I love the part that you can request details of Ramen such as how you want the noodle to be done or how much spicy you want for the soup. Ummm Yum 🙂

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