HUB (British Pub)


Have you ever wondered where to go when you have realized that you have nowhere else to go late at night? Well, HUB might be the right place for you! It’s a place where many foreigners and tourists go to have refreshments and alcohol.


Open hours vary, depending on the store but the longest it can go is until 4 am. It is a great to start off with a pint of beer to get you uplifted, and then moving on to vodka based liquor such as tarantula. (A pink grape fruit- based vodka liquor) The amazing thing is that it tastes just like pink grape fruit, but gets you all tipsy in a matter of minutes!  A nice beverage to have to call it an end of the day!

There are numerous events held at HUB, almost every week. Especially, if you are a tourist from Europe visiting Japan, you must be missing the UEFA champions’ league. Well in Japan, this is the place to visit to watch UEFA competition matches on live. How’s the atmosphere? It’s purely awesome.



Everyone will be charged for the event with all the worldwide drinks available.

If you’re wondering where to have drinks for a reasonable price, then it might best for you to visit during happy hour. (Usually from around 5pm to 7pm) Drinks will be available for you at almost half price so this might be the solution. There are also great foods available such as fish n’ chips, seafood and pizza available at all hours.

If you are thinking of stepping by every week, then it will be best for you to make a point card at HUB. All points can later be exchanged for all foods and drinks. Point cards may be purchased for 500 yen at all stores.

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