Hot spring in the middle of Tokyo, Oedo-onsen

ooedo onsen- hot spring in tokyo

Hot spring baths are a famous part of Japanese culture, but it’s commonly believed that you have to go to out of the way to find them. Right in the middle of Tokyo, there’s a hot spring where you can not only enjoy hot spring culture, but also feel the vibe of a traditional Japanese festival. Oedo-onsen is essentially a hot-spring-bath theme park.

You choose your yukata dressing gown when you check in. And, after changing into it, you will see the trappings of Japanese festivals all around. You can enjoy Japanese snacks, play a ninja-star shooting game, and otherwise relax before and after taking a bath.

This magical place is located in Odaiba, which is a good area to visit in and of itself. After your bath, you can also go to some shopping malls for a tasty meal or world-class shopping.

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  1. Sciencer says:

    I love onsen, hot spring so much. Although I feel uncomfortable with naked (It’s Japanese style), I heard this onsen have the area for swimwear and yukata. sounds good 🙂

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