Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho Ginza

Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho Ginza tokyo

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Among many restaurants where you can eat luxury dishes in Ginza, there is a “Hitsumabushi” restaurant called “Bincho” at the 12th floor of the Marronnier Gate shopping center. It takes about 3 minutes from Yurakucho station and 4 minutes from Ginza station on foot. The wooden tables and chairs and the Japanese style lamps create the typical Japanese atmosphere, but is stylish enough to match the modern Ginza city.

Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho Ginza tokyo2

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“Hitsumabushi” is a regional cuisine in Nagoya area, which is charcoal grilled eel fillets with soy flavored sauce on rice. “Bincho” is the specialty restaurant of this “Hitsumabushi” which has the main store in Nagoya. Since this restaurant is famous among people who love eels, it is crowded especially at lunch time on the weekends.

The eel is grilled with the charcoal without being steamed beforehand, which is different from the way cooked in Tokyo, so you can enjoy the crispy outside and the soft, juicy inside of the grilled eel. And the aroma of the special sauce and the spicy savor of the eel will stimulate your appetite!!

First, you can taste the original flavor of the eel itself. Then, you can add spices such as Japanese horseradish and green onion. Finally, you can pour the broth and add spices and toasted laver to eat as eel porridge. You can enjoy these three different ways of eating Hitsumabushi, and will probably be pleased with the wonderful harmony of the grilled eel, special sauce, spices and broth.

Other side dishes using the grilled eel are also recommended. “Umaki” which is a Japanese omelette-wrapped eel is one of the popular menus in this restaurant, so it may be good to order it at the beginning as an appetizer before the Hitsumabushi is served.

Enjoy Hitsumabushi and eel dishes with the nice view of Ginza at “Bincho”!!

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