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HiSUi Tokyo – Place to Learn Japanese Traditions

You traveled all the way to Japan from your homeland. And what would you like to do? To go sightseeing? Of course, it is a must. Anything else?

How about an experience something very Japanese…Japanese culture?

Located in the heart of a shopping town, Ginza, HiSUi Tokyo offers a place to learn Japanese traditions. Their principle is to assist people to lead an enriched life by achieving a sense of peace through acquisition of Japanese traditions. HiSUi Tokyo, therefore, is not a school of one specific subject, but is a place to learn more Japanese tradition such as:  Waso (Kimono)—Japanese clothing; Shodo—Japanese calligraphy; Sado—Way of Tea; and Batto—Way of sword handling and the samurai spirit. They wish that  a lot of people have as many chances as possible to be exposed to and acquire such Japanese traditions.

The doors of HiSUi Tokyo, thus, are open, of course, to the people who are come from outside Japan as well. HiSUi Tokyo offers the following experience programs for overseas visitors:

Waso (Kimono) — Japanese Clothing

You can experience to dress Kimono with a help of HiSUi instructors followed by photo-taking.

Shodo — Japanese Calligraphy

There you can learn Japanese writing instruments as well as the correct manner. In this course, after practicing to write your name in Kanji, you will have a chance to write your name on a small hanging scroll on which you will putting a Rakkan seal. This hanging scroll you make will be your souvenir.

Sado — Way of Tea / Tea Ceremony

This course starts with a unique experience of entering a tea room through the Nijiriguchi entrance (small square entrance).  Then, you can learn about the tea room as well as the Nijiriguchi, correct manner of tea ceremony including how to enjoy sweets and matcha tea.

Batto — Way of Sword Handling and the Samurai Spirit

In this course, you can learn about Japanese swords and samurai spirit. You can also touch a sword upon request.

Experiences of these Japanese traditions will probably make your stay in Japan more memorable.  Hope you enjoy staying in Japan!

HiSUi Tokyo – School Information

Overseas Visitor Programs: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Phone: +81-3-3562-7575
 Address Koizumi Bldg. 5th fl.,4-3-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Website http://hisui-tokyo.com/

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