Hirayama Shop

If you plan to go Tukiji, I highly recommend you visit this shop. Hirayama shop sells a variety of items related to fisherman in Tukiji like T-shirts, caps, Tenugui( washcloth), cell phone charms. These items are really popular among tourists overseas.



These logos on T-shirts are Kanji related to fish. For example, 鮭 means redfish, 鮪 means tuna, etc…The prices are about 1500 yen – 3000 yen.


These are Japanese washclothes called ” Tenugui “. They are usually not that colorful like above picture and Kanji is typed on them. The price is 630 yen-1890 yen.


These cell phone charms are so unique ! Sushi charms are especially nice to me. The price is 420 yen – 710 yen.

The items of Hirayama shop are so popular among Japanese, too. That’s why some TV shows visited here to introduce the shop.

Why don’t you buy these items as a present for your family or friends ??


Official site(Japanese &Chinese ):http://www.tsukijinet.com/tsukiji/kanren/hirayama/index.htm

(Imformation) 3 minutes on foot from subway Tukiji Ichiba stationA1 exit / open: 3am-2 pm weekday & Saturday / Tel: 03-3541-6586

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