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On the third floor of Garden Terrace in Galleria, Tokyo Midtown, which is connected directly with Roppongi station, there is a restaurant that specializes in pork dishes.

There is also a sister store on the first basement floor of the same building (without ‘Takumi’ in the restaurant name), but the restaurant on the third floor is of higher grade and has a relaxed atmosphere, so you can take your time having your meal.

They use pork which is produced in their own company, fed by rice and carefully being taken care of. The meat is either being fried, grilled or simmered by taking full advantage of each ingredients. They serve finest tonkatsu (or pork cutlet), hamburg steak, grilled pork, and so on.

The first thing I recommend you to order is tonkatsu. You can choose from Sangen Pork or Kinka Pork, and either loin cutlet or pork cutlet.

On each table, there are two bottles of sauce, one is a little sweet with grated apple in it, and the other is spicy with garlic in it. First you grind sesame in the mortar by yourself, and pour the sauce and mix it. The chef’s recommendation is to mix two sauce. After the original sauce is made, you dip the tonkatsu into it and eat it!!

The crispy batter and the juicy pork spreads in your mouth, and you can taste the flavor and aroma of the fat.

All menu include rice and miso soup which you can ask for another helping. Shredded cabbage is heaped up beeside the tonkatsu, and you can also ask for refill. This cabbage is so soft that you cannot stop eating…be careful to save enough space in your stomach for the tonkatsu!!

There are two kinds of salad dressing: onion dressing and sesame dressing, both containing collagen which you can put on the cabbage.

They serve you a dessert at the end, such as sherbet or almond jelly.

Enjoy the luxury meal with the finest tonkatsu and pork dishes!!

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