One minute walk from Mizonokuchi station, there is a Japanse style seafood restaurant ‘Hina.’ There are two ‘Hina’s in Mizonokuchi, and the first store is nearer to the station which is one minute walk. (The second store takes about four minutes on foot.)

This restaurant is famous for the dishes they provide using the fresh fish in reasonable price, and not only people working in Mizonokuchi use the restaurant after work but also local people visit here.

The fish and seafood is delivered directly from the Tsukiji fish market everyday, and you can eat fresh sashimi or sliced raw fish of many kinds. The menu changes everyday, and you can order from Today’s Special which has over 40 kinds.

The first thing we recommend you to order is the assorted sashimi of either 3 or 5 kinds. You can choose the favorite sashimi from the list in Today’s Special, and you will be surprised at the volume of it. They are so fresh that you could feel the crunchy texture on the tongue.

Besides sashimi, they also serve seafood in many ways, choosing the best way to cook for each ingredients. Of course, all these dishes have enough amount to enjoy with several people. You can enjoy your dinner with alcohol drinks. There are many kinds of drinks, especially Japanse sake which goes well with fish.

Takikomi gohan, which is rice seasoned and cooked with various ingredients is also a popular menu to eat at the end of your meal, but you should order it ahead of time since it takes time for them to cook it.

If you want to eat good fresh fish and nice alcohol drinks, Hina is the best restaurant to visit. Although there are two stores, it is always so crowded, so you would better make a reservation beforehand.

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