Harbor’s Coffee located in Yokohama’s Osanbashi


There are many people in Tokyo and you may be tired in a dense crowd.If you are exhausted from crowd,we recommend that you go to Yokohama.Yokohama is not crowded compared with Tokyo.It takes about thirty minutes from Shinagawa station to Yokohama station.Why don’t you stop over at coffee shop in Yokohama?The name is “Harbor’s Coffee” where it is located in Osanbashi.You can see beautiful scene of Yokohama harbor from the window of the coffee.You will have relaxing time in here.Furthermore,you can enjoy unique drinks,for example,the coffee latte drawn Yokohama’s ship.Do you know Dreams Come True? They are Japanese musician and they had used this coffee in their promotional video.The songs name is “Yasashiikisuwoshite”,which means “Do sweet kiss for me”.This coffee is romantic place if you go to there in evening.That’s why many couples use this place in their after-party of wedding.You will feel comforted in the romantic night view,and you must be crazy about Yokohama harbor.

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  1. Silversky says:

    This cafe seems like a perfect spot for any time of the day. Good to relax and read some books in the afternoon and good for a romantic date night in the evening.

  2. Yaga says:

    Totally good to sit there and have a cup of coffee. Really want to try some day when I have a chance.

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