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The new fashion facility ‘Harajuku Alta’ has opened in Takeshita dori street, Harajuku on March 7th, 2015. Harajuku is known as the birth place of Japanese ‘KAWAII(cute)’ culture. The theme for the facility Harajuku ALTA is “Takeshita-dori Street’s power spot for sparkly spirits.” It contains 19 shops, targeting ‘pure young’ who are said to be the most sensitive among the young.

The first floor contains fashion shops which share the concept of ‘Akogare(yearning)’. The second floor is for character goods, and the third floor offers pancakes and smoothie which were started and became first popular in Harajuku. The underground floor contains ideal souvenir shops for Harajuku.

Among the 19 stores, Disney shop gains a lot of attention recently especially from grown up women. You can get the latest Disney character goods such as UNIBEARSITY and TSUMTSUM. Of course you can meet our old friends Mickey, Minnie, Donald as well. The cute goods such as original frilly shirt with Mickey and Minnie, backpack with Disney characters are waiting for you.

This fascinating four stories building also offers famous fashion and gift shops like Swimmer and ‘min plume’, and the café  ‘World project ‘KAWAII(cute). ’’ You can have lots of lovely time, surrounded by KAWAII culture, at Harajuku ALTA.

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