About 5 minutes walk from Shinagawa station, there is a luxurious buffet restaurant inside the Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

There is a big wine cellar in the center of the restaurant which preserves sommelier’s fine selected wine from all over the world. The whole space is surrounded with the houseplant, using stone-like tiles as the interior, and it makes you feel like you are in a resort. There are many kinds of seats such as bar counter, center court which is the main area and upper lounge with sofa seats, so you can enjoy visiting with your family or friends and even visit on a date.

Lunch buffet is 90 minutes limited, and dinner buffet is 2 hours limited. One of the speciality of this restaurant is the all-you-can-eat boiled crabs. Although you can eat much crabs as you like, it is fresh and of good quality. Some dishes are cooked in front of you, so you can always eat the fresh dish whenever you want.

They serves all kinds of dishes of the world, and they prepare many menus which is good for your health. At lunch time, there are about 70 kinds of dishes, so be careful not to take too much per one dish!! At dinner time, they serve about 90 kinds of dishes. The menus change according to the season, so you can enjoy your lunch or dinner when you visit again.

Near the entrance, there is a sweets showcase. The colorful, artistic cakes are displayed in the showcase as if it is a cake shop. Of course, this is also all-you-can-eat.

You can make a reservation 2 month before the preferred date, but it is flooded with reservation on weekends. If you decide when to go, don’t forget to access to the restaurant’s website exactly in midnight of 2 month before the scheduled day.

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