Haneda Shrine

Once you arrive in Tokyo, the closest tourist destination from Haneda Airport may be the Haneda Shrine. You can go to the shine by taking the Keikyu Haneda Line from Haneda Airport Station to Ootori Station. The Shine is approximately 10~15 min walk from Ootori Station. The God that is worshiped in the shrine is known or believed for keeping Haneda airport safe.

The shrine itself was first established during the Kamakura period (1185-1333). The center of power during this period was in Kamakura (Currently in Kanagawa Prefecture), which is approximately an hour away from Haneda Airport by train. The closeness of the shrine to Kamakura is evidence proving that the shrine was considered important during the period.

Before you take you flight back to your home country, it might be nice to buy yourself a lucky charm to ensure the safety of your flight back home! Lucky charms are about the same size as your keys, usually prices at around 500 yen. Lucky charms can also be a great Japanese souvenir you can give to your friends. You should also try the Omikuji, which is a fortune telling paper strip sold in Japanese shrines. Even if you can’t read the Japanese, you can at least check the kanji written on the top indicating the level of your fortune (Daikichi 大吉 meaning excellent luck, 凶 meaning curse and others tend to be in between).

Haneda Festval


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If you are planning to visit Haneda shrine in late July, then participating in the Haneda Festival may be enjoyable! The Haneda festival is held on the last week of Friday to Sunday every July. During the festival, you will see many people lifting the mikoshi, which is a carriage like box used to carry God (Believed by the Shinto Religion) from the shrine to the city. The atmosphere felt during the festival is definitely something great to be experiencing!

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