Pakistan Curry Potohar
POTOHAR which located in Shinjuku provides Pakistan style curry which is delightfully tasty. I recommended this restaurant to some of my friends, all of them come back the restaurant again the same week saying “Is there any addictive ingredient in the curry?”
Their curry is wonderful as much as they do.

Halal restaurant in Tokyo (15)Walking down the street from south exit of Shinjuku station for 5 minutes, you will see the brightly colored roof of POTOHAR next to vegetable shop and in front of Bunka Fashion College.

The place is tiny, a dozen stools situated around a central kitchen area. Pakistan chefs are friendly and talkative. They walk around the kitchen, cook curry quickly and talk. Curry is cooked from the scratch. If you ask question about the ingredient, they kindly show you what’s in the curry. Restaurant is bustling with Bollywood music played.

As it is located along the main road, Kosyu-Kaido, many people come in and out to pick up the take out menu. There are variety of curry on the menu.

Saag curry has a rich flavor of spinach and other ingredients. Several types of sagg curry plates are available such as prawn sagg curry, which has a unique taste. The mixture of prawn’s sweetness, spinach’s bitter and butter are addictive. Chicken sagg curry and mutton sagg curry are also great.

Fish curry is fairly lightly seasoned so it is recommended for the people who don’t get used to Indian or Pakistan food.

There are more dishes such as variety of Masala curry, Tomato curry and more.

Chef asks how hot you would prefer and he cooks at your request in front of you.

Compare to Indian food, Pakistan food here is a little bit oily and this is very good for beer lover. This curry goes well for beer.

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