GUNDAM Cafe in Akihabara

When I was a kid, I like to watch cartoons the best. Doragon Ball, Urusei Yatsura, Seinto Seiya, You You Hakusho… and I also used to get into GAMDAM, especially, GANDAM F91. I still remember I collected many items printed main characters of F91.


If you also love GUNDAM, there is somewhere that I recommend you go. It’s a cafe called “GANDAM Cafe”. You can see many characters and items related to them everywhere in the cafe.


This is an entrance of the cafe. A lot of fans of GANDAM gathered and made a long line on the opening day.


This is one of the most popular menues of the cafe, GAMPURA. It is designed the first GANDAM plamodel. You can take out this snack !


This is very interesting to me ! It is designed ZAKU. I’d like to try it.


You can also find some autographes like the director of GANDAM, main voice actors.

( Information ) right there from JR Akihabara electronics quarter exit / open: 10am-11pm( Saturdays 10:30am-, Sundays, holidays 8:30-9:30 )


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