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Among so many restaurants and taverns in Akabane, there is one popular Spanish-Italian restaurant called “Good Meat Bar”. It is located in the Akabane Ichibangai shopping street after 3 minutes’ walk from Akabane station, and you can see people enjoying their meal at the terrace seats under the orange roof.

One of the reason many people visit this restaurant is that it is a directly-managed store of the meat wholesaler “Good Meat”, and therefore they can provide safe and secure meat dishes in reasonable prices. Unique to directly-managed store, you can find menus using fine-selected special portions of meat which you seldom find at other restaurants. They have light meal and heavy meal, using fine meat and also carefully selected vegetables and seafood.

goodmeat bar akabane tokyo

Appetizers of 5 kinds of meat dish © tabelog

If you wonder what to choose, it is a good choice to order “Appetizers of 5 kinds of meat dish”. You can enjoy variety of appetizers using meat. Bread and olive oil with salt is served at the beginning as a table charge, and you can eat it with the appetizer and side dishes.

They have many kinds of delicious wine from all over the world which go well with the food.

The servers are all friendly and will let you know the recommendation of the day, or advise you what to order if you ask what kind of food and drink you prefer. The bottles of alcohol displayed around the wall are typical among bars, but somehow you can feel the cozy atmosphere as if you visited a friend’s house of a large family. There are counter seats, table seats and terrace seats, so you can enjoy your food and drink at your favorite seat depending on who you visit with. Actually, it is better to make a reservation beforehand, since this restaurant is always crowded.

If you love meat and wine, we highly recommend you to visit “Good Meat Bar”.

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