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About 7 minutes’ walk from Ikebukuro station, along a quiet street, there is a small wine dining restaurant called ‘GOCCHI’S’. It is open from Monday to Saturday at dinner time, and also open at lunch time on Saturdays.

It is basically for people who love wine since nearly all the drink menu is wine. At this restaurant, you can enjoy nice wine with fine pork dishes at either counter seats or table seats.

They serve homemade sausages, simmered pork, steak, fresh vegetables direct from the farm, pasta of the day, and many other high-quality dishes.

As for the wine, the manager chooses only high-quality, delicious wine regardless of genres and serves the bottle wine in a reasonable price such as 2300 yen to 4000 yen. All wine goes well with the food. Of course, you can order wine by glasses since there are so many nice wines from all over the world.

The menus we recommend you to order are ‘homemade sausages’, ‘simmered pork’ and ‘roasted vegetables of the season’. The outside of the homemade sausage is crispy and it is so juicy in the inside. They spend 3 days to make the sausages using 100% pork and it really matches with wine. Simmered pork is being simmered for 8 hours so that it melts in your mouth. As for the roasted vegetables of the season, you can taste the simple, natural taste of the vegetable itself. You can also select the monthly special.

Because the chef wishes for people to visit the restaurant again, they write down the repeat customers’ preference in the ‘customer notebook’. So you can feel free to drop by the restaurant even alone, and chef will be happy to talk with you at the counter seats.

Have a nice time at GOCCHI’S with good food and wine, and the conversation with your friends and the chef!!

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