Go!Go!Curry! – Japanese Curry Restaurant

Go!Go!Curry! is a popular curry restaurant franchise in Japan, featuring Kanagawa curry. Kanagawa curry is known for its dark and rich curry roux that is poured over rice completely, and it’s often served with shredded cabbage on the side on a stainless steel plate. The dish also typically has a fried pork chop on top of the curry sauce, drizzled with some sauce.

At Go!Go!Curry! restaurant, customers can choose various toppings for the curry, such as fried chicken cutlet, fried shrimps, or sausages instead of fried pork chop.  Customers can also customize their curry dishes with preferred amount of rice, and additional toppings such as boiled egg and shredded cheese. If you are a big eater, you might want to try their popular menu called World Champion Class for a bragging right; it features all of the major toppings on the curry rice and weighs 2.5kg!

You can find Go!Go!Curry! restaurants all over Japan, and there are also several stores in the U.S. and one in Brazil.  If no stores are nearby, you should definitely try its online shop called Genkinomoto Stadium, where you can purchase not only the Kanagawa curry but also various other items such as a serving dish, uniforms, and gift sets.

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