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If you want to eat nice Japanese cuisine at Ginza on weekdays, how about “Ginza Onodera”? This small restaurant is at the 7th floor of the building which you can walk from Ginza station for about 5 minutes.

They provide Japanese traditional “Kaiseki ryori” (tea-ceremony dishes) which is brought in a course style. The fresh ingredients are delivered from Tsukiji market everyday, selecting the fish and vegetables of the best season to create the fine Japanese dishes which you are able to eat at that season. For grilled food, they use high-grade charcoal to maximize its original taste and aroma although it requires much time for cooking.

At lunch time, there are several lunch set menus: set meal of the day, Sashimi set meal, Obanzai (Kyoto style small dishes) set meal, hashed beef rice set meal and Kaiseki lunch course. All menus include small side dish and a dessert.

The hostess will come to serve roasted green tea (houji-cha) whenever the cup is empty and have a little talk with customers who came alone, and can feel her kind service.

There are only course menus at dinner time which you can enjoy the Kyoto style cooking arranged into Tokyo style, and can feel the skilled technique of the chefs from the beautiful arrangement of each dish and its sophisticated taste. The plates and bowls of glass, ceramic and lacquer are used depending on the food which matches the best, so that you can enjoy the wonderful Japanese dishes both by mouth and eyes. They also have a variety of alcohol drinks to match with the delicious dishes.

The counter seats have enough space in between and there are also some table seats, so you can take your time having a relaxed meal.

To enjoy the fine Japanese dishes and the wonderful service, you will be pleased with your meal time at “Ginza Onodera”.

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