Ginza Maguroya Tsukiji ten

sushi in tokyo

All-You-Can-Eat Sushi

If you go to Tsukiji fish market, you may check out Ginza Maguroya Tsukiji ten as you can enjoy sushi wtih all-you-can-eat style. It’s only on weekend and holidays, but you can eat anything you want with 3,500 yen in 90 minutes. Of course, you can go to sushi-go-round, but the quality of sushi at this restaurant is great.

It opens at 11 am, but this restaurant is very popular and you might have to make a line even if you go there at the time they open. And it closes at 6 pm, but if they run out of fish before that, they close earlier. Therefore, I recommend you to go there early anyway if you want to go!

There’s a penalty, that you have to pay more if you leave some after ordering them.

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