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ginza de wine


Just three minutes’ walk from Higashi-Ginza station or Ginza station, there is a nice wine bar called ‘Ginza de Wine’.

As the name of the restaurant literally means “(drink) wine at Ginza”, there are over 500 kinds of wine from all over the world that many wine lovers check out this restaurant as one of their favorite wine bar or the restaurant where they want to visit in the near future.

This restaurant has been renewed and moved from the first floor of the basement to second floor, so the windows which you can look out the street makes the space expansive, and you can feel the presence of the chefs preparing the dishes at the open kitchen.

You can see the wine bottles displayed in the wine shelves, and you can select the best wine you want to drink on that day by choosing the country it is made, the grape cultivar and its taste.

They also have barreled sparkling wine, and you can enjoy the fresh, bubbliness texture of the sparkling wine.

As for the food, one of the recommended menu is the charcoal spit-roasting dishes. The original combination of the highly selected ingredients are served in nice grilled flavor. There are also many kinds of appetizers, meat and seafood dishes, chef’s specials and desserts.

Since it is open until 11:00 PM on Sundays and holidays, and open until 4:00 AM of the next from Mondays to Saturdays, you can stay late at the restaurant with nice food and drinks. Since it is popular among many epicures, it is better to make a reservation beforehand even for two people.

If you want to drink a particular wine which is not so common, you may find it from the wine collection of this restaurant. Enjoy the nice wine and fine dishes in ‘Ginza de Wine’.

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