Just one minute walk from Oji station, there is a genuine French restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is of European style and cozy. The wide window makes the space expansive, and you can see the monorail which goes back and forth the Asukayama Park Monorail.

Every dishes are made use of the taste of the material. The fine selected fish, meat, vegetable and the special sauce make a superb combination. Celebrities also visit this restaurant for the fine French dishes.

The chef is highly skilled not only in cooking appetizer and main dish, but also skillful at making desserts.

One of the recommended dessert is ‘La Bardane’, the Swiss roll with pickled burdock in it. Although burdock is mainly used in Japanese dishes, you will be surprised at how the aroma of the burdock matches with the whipped cream that you cannot help eating more. You can eat this ‘La Bardane’ at the end of the full course dinner.

The dessert plate is also attractive. It is created by the chef one by one, meeting each customer’s voice. The chef is a specialist of candy sculpting, and the rose shaped candy and each confectionery on the plate is so beautiful and artistic. They also give you baking paper and a bag to bring the candy home if you prefer. For special occasions such as someone’s birthday, we recommend you to make a reservation and ask them to prepare the dessert plate for the main guest. It will be a wonderful memorial day!!

If you have a chance to talk to the chef, talk to him and he will tell you how he cares about each dishes when he cooks, but friendly and never behave proudly. You could feel the passion of the chef towards cooking.

Each time you visit the restaurant, you will like it even more!!

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