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In Japan, there are many local cuisine in each prefecture, and some are famous while others are not. There is one restaurant where you can eat the local cuisine of Fukui prefecture called “Fukui Bouyourou” in Aoyama. It takes about 7 minutes on foot to go there.

Fukui prefecture faces toward the Sea of Japan, and therefore famous for the dishes using fresh seafood. At this restaurant, you can enjoy fine Japanese dishes using the seafood and vegetables from Fukui, which are the same dishes served at the long-established Japanese style inn Bouyourou in Fukui, so you can feel as if you came to visit Fukui.

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The most famous local product is Echizen crab, which is known as the crab presented to the Imperial royal family. The crab which store manager selected is soft, containing the perfect amount of crab butter. The fresh seafood landed at the Sea of Japan such as Echizen crabs, northern shrimps, abalones and turban shells are all delivered from the fish market everyday. High-quality vegetables and fruits are also delivered from the contracted farmer in Fukui everyday. Japanese black beef of highest grade “Wakasa beef” and famous branded rice “Koshihikari” are also added to create the fine Japanese dishes.

Some of the recommendations are “Northern Shrimp Omelet” with full of fresh northern shrimps wrapped in the soft omelet, and “Grilled Mackerel Sushi” using the smoked mackerel which is also popular as a takeout food sold at the restaurant. There are other side dishes and also many kinds of course menus which you can fully enjoy the selected ingredients from Fukui. Of course, they have also nice Japanese sake which go well with the food.

If you are interested in Fukui prefecture and want to know about their culture further, “Aoyama Bouyourou” is the perfect restaurant to taste the delicious food from Fukui.

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