Fujiko F Fujio Museum in Kawasaki city

When I was a kid, I used to watch ” Doraemon ” every week. The story pattern was always the same. Nobita was bullyed from Gyaian and Suneo or got in trouble. However, some tools that Doraemon puts out of his pocket to help Nobita are so interesting to me so I can’t stop watching. Nowadays this cartoon is be-loved among not only Japanese children but also children all over the world.

Fujiko. F. Fujio is a manga artist who creats Doraemon, Parman, Kiteretsu Daihyaka and you can make an experience his world at Fujiko.F. Fujio museum. This facility is a little far away from downtown of Tokyo and you need to get a ticket at Lawson, Japanese convenience store, in advance.

Manga world already begins from a station ! You can get there by a shuttle bus printed Doraemon.


Before you get in the museum, you can enjoy seeing charactors of Doraemon, Parman etc…outside. You can take a picture with them as much as you want.



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  1. oba says:

    I am also big Doraemon fan. And my son has started watching Doraemon every Friday night. The voice actors had been changed several years ago, so I feel bit uncomfortable, but Draemon is still unchangeable hero.

  2. Sciencer says:

    If I have not met Doraemon’s comics, I would have chosen another career. Now I’m working as a engineer. There’s no exaggeration to say that devices in the comic made me a engineer.

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