Fugu Fukuji


Fugu Fukuji

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If you come to this Japanese restaurant, you will be able to experience “Fundamental Japanese Food”. The quality of food in Fukuji is very high. Especially, sashimi of fugu(puffer fish) is important in this restaurant, so it is very familiar in Tokyo. Because Fukuji is popular, you may want to make a reservation, or call this restaurant, and make sure if there is vacant seat.

Name  Fugu Fukuji
Telephone 050-5869-2570 (for reservation) / 03-5148-2922 (for inquiry)
Opening hours  17:00 pm – 21:00 pm(L.O)
Closed  Saturdays / Sundays / Holidays
Price Above 30,000 yen
Credit Cards Accepted
Reservation Available
Service Charge 10%
Number of seats  33
Smoking Smoking permitted
Address  Koda BLDG 3F 5-11-13  Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan
Stations  Higashi Ginza Station
Ginza Station
Website http://www.fukuji.jp/
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