First Cabin – Capsule Hotel just like on the airplane

first cabin in akihabara

Have you heard the word, ‘Capsule Hotel’?
It’s a unique Japanese hotel, very small and cheap.

This hotel is even more unique as each room looks like each seat of the airplane.
And it’s convenient as it’s about a few minutes’ walk from Akihabara station.

Each room doesn’t have toilet and shower room, but you have a bed with TV, wireless LAN for free.
You can’t lock your hotel room, in case of emergency, but it’s actually relaxing to stay there.
It must be interesting experience to stay somewhere like this kind of place.

There are two kinds of rooms, just like first class cabin, and business class one. If you are interested in something new and talk about it when you return to your country, you may stay here to check it out!

Name FIRST CABIN Akihabara
Address 3-38, Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel No. 03-6240-9798
Price 4,800 yen – 5,800 yen
Check-In 5 PM
Check-Out 10 AM
Notice Accepting Credit Cards
Free Wi-Fi available
Access Akihabara Station

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2 Responses

  1. oba says:

    I have never stayed in Capsule type hotel. Too narrow space, and looks like small cage. But this hotel looks nice, better to get nice experience.

  2. Silversky says:

    It looks very clean and comfortable, but not sure about having no locks on the door… Do they even have a door? The photo looks like they only have divider….

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