Fancy Pocket Harajuku ten

Fancy Pocket in HarajukuThis store is very popular among teenagers in Japan. You may buy accesories cheaply from many varieties. They got cuties goods which teenage girls love, and they sell them cheaply so that girls can afford it.

They sell not only accesories, but T-shirts, bags, key chains, stationaries, clothes, things for cell phones, stickers and other KAWAII-cutie stuffs.

This store is in Harajuku, where teenagers love to go, and it’s always crowded.
And you will see there, what kind of things Japanese girls like.

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4 Responses

  1. Yaga says:

    Japanese kawaii culture is very interesting. There are so many kawaii things in shops and even adluts love to buy them.

  2. haramin says:

    The girls around Harajuku wear stupid clothes,but totally KAWAII!

  3. hami2009 says:

    Harajuku represents the culture of Kawaii, and I truly think so! I should take my daughter there one day, because she love pretties. For myself, I used to get some stuffs from this store when I was in Elemetary/middle school, and I remember I was so excited whenever I saw those little cute items! You’ll be able to find accessories and other stuff for reasonable price.

  4. Masayo says:

    When I vist this shop before, there were full of teenagers and this shops restricted admission. My daughters loved this shop very much! There were many Kawaii cheap accesorries,stationaries, and so on.

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