El Caliente

El Caliente is located in Atore Shinagawa which is only a 1-minute walk from Shinagawa station. This restaurant is one of the popular modern restaurants of Mexican food in Tokyo.


Mr Sekine, manager of this restaurant, says, ”Mexican foods are enjoyed not only by merely taste and but also enjoy atmosphere and the space together.

The restaurant consists of bar, restaurant part and terrace part and has various ways to be used, so it is a new type of Mexican restaurant attracting attention from people who are sensitive to the fashion of meals.


You can enjoy a meal with the atmosphere such as the Central and South America resort here.You can order many Mexican beers and the cocktails using fresh fruit all day. In lunch time you can enjoy eating some lunch specials at reasonable price.


Opening hours / 11:00~24:00. (Food L.O.23:15,Drink L.O.23:30 )

Seating: 164   Separation of smoking areas


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