Eggcellent ( Metro hat Hollywood plaza in Roppongi )


Eggcellent is one of the famous and poplar café restaurant which is cooking of egg in Tokyo.  If you want to eat delicious breakfast and love to spend your mornings relaxing, it is recommended. You can enjoy seeing a leafy avenue such as oasis in the city, a blue sky and Tokyo Tower from big window or terrace seats of this restaurant.  Time is passing very slowly in here.


You can eat a delicious breakfast in this café where is filled with a feeling of opening of peace.  Special pancake, egg benedict and English muffin which put an egg on the hot from the oven are popular menus among women. Relaxed time and power breakfast with your friends and enjoy a meal, from branch to dinner with family and friends.


Opening Hours  / 7:00~21:00   Sunday Holiday  / 8:00~21:00

60 seats in the restaurant

36 seats in terrace

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  1. Sciencer says:

    I like the name, eggcellent! It really sounds excellent! I love meal from eggs. I’m looking forward to visit here!

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