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Ebisu Yokocho―Unique Restaurants to Enjoy

If you feel hungry in Shibuya or Ebusu, just visit Ebisu Yokocho! Ebisu Yokocho is an aggregation of restaurants or bars, and it has unique 13 stores in it. (“Yokocho” means “side road” or “side street” in English. ) It takes about 2 minutes from Ebisu Station on foot, and the station is next to Shibuya Station on Yamanote Line.

Ebisu Yokocho has a concept, and it’s called “The Revival”. Since mega marts have become popular in Japan,
small shopping arcades are in danger of “extinction”. Though many customers feel comfortable at mega marts
because of the convenience or price, small shopping arcades have some good points. They are the place for people to communicate or educate something.

Considering this kind of good points, several owners decided to build a old-type shopping arcade in the place where an arcade thrived before. One of the most popular store in Ebisu Yokocho is “Niku Zushi”.

“Niku Zushi” means “Meat Sushi” in English, and as the name tells, the restaurant serves sushi with meat.
This sounds a bit odd because normal sushi restaurants mainly serves sushi with fish, but “Niku Zushi” doesn’t serve this kind of sushi. The restaurant is so famous that many people including TV stars come to enjoy original sushi.

In addition to Niku Zushi, there are lots of unique stores in Ebisu Yokocho. If you visit there, I’m sure you’ll enjoy all day long!

Basic info

Address 1-7-4, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access 2 minutes walk from Ebisu Station
Website http://www.ebisu-yokocho.com/index.html
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