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Tempura (deep-fried seafood and vegetables) has long been one of the traditional Japanese cuisine. If would you like to eat best tempura in Tokyo, we suggest you to visit “Dote no Iseya” in the old town of Tokyo (around Asakusa area).

“Dote no Iseya” is about 12 minutes away from Minowa station, and is a long-established Tempura restaurant which is founded in 1889. The restaurant was once rebuilt due to the earthquake, but the atmosphere of Showa period still exists which you can see from the wooden structure with a latticed door that is registered as a tangible cultural property and also many miscellaneous goods of the old times.

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They serve the best tempuras by changing the ratio of salad oil and sesame oil when frying and also changes the ratio of flour and egg by the season, so you can always eat the tempura of same taste and texture all four seasons. The popular menu of this restaurant is “Tendon” (bowl of rice with assortment of tempura) rather than only tempura. Plenty of fragrant original sauce of soy sauce flavor is poured on it which matches with the combination of tempura and rice. One of the best tempura is of large conger eel (“anago”), and the crispy outside and the soft, juicy inside is just so magnificent!! There are 3 kinds of Tendon with different tempuras and price, but we recommend you to choose the menu including the conger eel.

Since it is a popular restaurant, many people make a long line to wait, but the staff will take orders while waiting so that they can serve you after you are seated without waiting you too long.

If you are interested in the traditional tempura, visit “Dote no Iseya”. We hope you will be pleased with the wonderful tempura and the original tempura sauce which have been passed from over 125 years.

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